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Mea culpa for my big mouth

Every time I start working on putting together a fund, I run into the same problem. Well before I’m actually ready with the docs, I tell a bunch of people that we’re doing a new one. Then, understandably, they follow-up with me to get the docs. And I don’t have them, because they always take

Unilateral disarmament

As our career progresses, we’re finding ourselves in the interesting position of carrying out multiple negotiations over time with the same investors. Managing this effectively turns out to be very different from your standard one-off negotiation. Why? Because you always need to be thinking about how that specific negotiation impacts the whole relationship. When I negotiate,

Shame on Yahoo

Am a voracious consumer of business news… find that I learn all kinds of things from following how other businesses operate, make deals, etc. So I was appalled to discover, over the last couple of days, how Yahoo (mis-)handled disclosing being hacking while conducting its sale auction. To catch you up: In 2014, hackers apparently

Brand new 4plex for sale

As you know, we’re not keen on selling properties. But, every once in a while, circumstances force our hand. So, we’ve just placed 132 N Alvarado St. on the market for $1,715,000. What is it? Brand new 4plex seconds from Echo Park All units have 10′ ceilings, private outdoor spaces, hard wood floors, all modern conveniences

Staying calm through our acquisitions drought

Working on the acquisitions side of our business is weird. How weird? Well, we’re in a deal drought of approx. 3 months right now. That’s causing me to tear my hair out. On the other hand, we have offers out on something like $6MM in projects which, if we get them, would almost certainly be

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