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Bucking the traditional real estate private equity model

The traditional real estate private equity model is broken. Here is how it works now: Sponsor finds deal Sponsor raises equity from investors, then uses as much debt as possible (to enhance the returns to investors) Sponsor adds value to deal (renovating, building ground-up, whatever) Sponsor sells deal as quickly as possible, pays off the

We keep evolving

Have been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks speaking with capital partners, both existing and prospective. Yesterday, a guy who has backed us for a lot of years said something that really stuck with me. He said something like: “The way you describe your business has really changed over the past

Why we no longer announce acquisitions

Was browsing the LinkedIn newsfeed yesterday and came across a video a guy had posted of his latest acquisition, which included the name of the neighborhood in which it is located. The video had a ton of likes and comments (mostly from brokers) and I admit to feeling a bit jealous. (Side note: If you

Why construction costs are so high

Was at a panel discussion on development recently and rising construction costs came up. Everyone wants to know why it costs like 30% more to build a building than it did two years ago. There are lots of theories, including: All the sub-contractors retired in 2008 Lots of laborers went back to their home countries

SROs: A new, old idea

I read a TON about business, in general, and real estate, in particular. So it’s fairly rare for me to come across an idea that’s genuinely new to me. But I came across one last night, during a conversation with a much more experienced owner-operator, that I’d like to share. We were discussing the housing

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