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Why writers should own apartment buildings

At first glance, the title above seems pretty crazy, right? After all, writers are creative types. They spend their days conjuring stories from thin air to delight the public. Why should people like that be involved in the nitty-gritty of owning and managing apartments? Like many things in life, it comes down to money. Writers,

How to invest in real estate passively (part 1)

A few people have asked me recently how you can invest in real estate without doing it full time. It’s a good question, because, as a part-timer, you are competing with other investors who have some built-in advantages, including: Ability to buy all-cash and close quickly A network of brokers who funnel the best deals

What about student housing?

An old friend from highschool recently posted on the blog asking what I think about student housing as an asset class. Thought I’d go ahead and answer publicly. First, take all this with a grain of salt. I’m not in the student housing business. But I have spent a fair amount of time looking into

Never Buy a Building with a Non-Conforming Unit

I was once in escrow to buy what I thought was a 16 unit building on Clinton St. in Echo Park, one unit in which was “non-conforming”. The owner had taken a common room and turned it into a studio apartment. The listing broker assured me that this was pretty normal in LA and, indeed,

14 unit re-positioning deal

The 14 unit deal I mentioned late last week is going out to the mailing list around 5pm today. If you want to understand how the numbers work on a larger apartment project, this is a good one to take a look at. To join the mailing list, click here and follow instructions. Should take

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