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Are you an investor or a speculator?

Market prices are up across the entire city. Where you could once buy stuff for 10x GRM, almost everything is now 12x+. If you’re looking at deals now, it’s important not to get caught up in thinking about buildings relative to each other. At any time, I can tell you what the best thing to

Right now, you need soft eyes

There are no perfect deals right now. Think about it: People don’t generally sell perfect buildings where everything is going great. They definitely don’t right now, when the alternative to owning the building is to hold the money in their money-market account earning 0.25%. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy anything? No. There are definitely

The state of the West Hollywood apartment market

Today I spoke with a broker who has an eight unit property in West Hollywood listed at a somewhat reasonable $187,500 / door. I say somewhat reasonable because the gross rent multiple is 15x. At a list price of $1.5MM, that means the property is generating rents of $100,000 / year. The rents are obviously

Incredible FHA opportunity in Echo Park

If you fit the following criteria, you should get in touch immediately: Want to live in Echo Park Want to buy a fourplex apartment building Have a good job and good credit Do not currently own property Have at least $60,000 in the bank This is the kind of deal that ensures a family’s financial

Why no wealth manager has ever called me

Do you know that no wealth manager has ever called me about getting his clients into apartment deals? I’m not saying I’m famous or anything, but this blog does come up fairly high in the Google results if you start looking for information on apartment investing in Los Angeles. There are literally thousands of people

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