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One phrase you want to include in all apartment offers

Almost all contracts for the purchase and sale of apartment buildings in Los Angeles are created using the standard California Association of Realtors (CAR) form. Overall, I believe the terms of this standard contract are pretty fair for both buyers and sellers (with the exception of the seller’s ability to tie up the buyer’s deposit

Why choosing a good listing broker matters

Some people have the impression that who your listing (selling) broker is doesn’t matter that much. After all, whoever it is is going to put the property up on the MLS, maybe have an open house or two, and then collect offers. Who cares how knowledgeable that person is? Why not just hire your cousin

One space available on Saturday property tour

Just had someone cancel last minute, so we have room for one more. Here’s what we’re going to do: Meet at our office in Silver Lake at 1pm this Saturday Start with a quick discussion of the numbers behind our deals Go tour 2-3 of our properties where we’ll discuss what attracted us to the

Why we have video cameras at our buildings

Hint: It’s not what you think. We have cameras because they’re very, very useful in resolving disputes with tenants. Here are a few examples: We had a tenant in 2516 Kent St. who insisted that she didn’t have a dog. She hadn’t disclosed a dog when she applied for the apartment and certainly hadn’t paid

How I feel about Frost / Chaddock invading Sunset Junction

I, for one, welcome our new mixed-use overlords. You’d think I’d be pissed about a developer coming into Silver Lake and building 300+ rental units. After all, the rules of supply and demand would seem to indicate that this new competition will drive down the rents on my units in the area. But I’m thrilled

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