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Kind of disappointed

I’m kind of disappointed in some of my readers. Sorry, guys. When I put out the word that I had a pair of amazing fourplexes that would really work for FHA buyers, not a single first-time buyer stepped up. Instead, the clients I’m working with on those deals are the kind of experienced investors who

How paying a mortgage can INCREASE your cashflow

I was recently asked by a client to explain why she should consider using debt to buy an apartment building. After all, having a mortgage would decrease the amount of money she had left at the end of the month. And, since she has a bunch of cash and she’s buying buildings to build a

A confession

I’m a Redfin junky just like everyone else. I spend some time every day looking at single family houses in Eagle Rock, the Hollywood Hills, etc. I also look at properties in Big Bear and along the coast in Oxnard and Ventura. I even occasionally look at big spreads out west where land is ludicrously

More about wealth managers

Further to my previous post about wealth managers and why they’ve never called me, here’s an interesting NY Times article about the business practices of the wealth management team at JP Morgan Chase. It’s a pretty interesting piece and I would recommend giving it a read, but, if you’re busy, here’s the money quote: “These

How banks (should) think about risk

Have you ever wondered why banks think in terms of  debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) and loan-to-value ratio (LTV) when they’re considering whether to lend you money to buy property? They’re really thinking about two different things: 1. Whether you’ll be able to pay the mortgage (DSCR test). This is where the DSCR comes in.