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All about earthquake insurance

Potential apartment building owners occasionally ask me about earthquake insurance, which is not included in a standard property insurance plan. It’s kind of scary for owners with commercial mortgages, because recourse loans require you to pay up, even in the event of the building being seriously damaged or destroyed.   I’ve never bought EQ coverage

Why you get the rents buttoned-up BEFORE listing a property

Recently, I closed on a deal where the seller inflated the rents in the marketing materials. It was an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, including the buyer, seller, agents and tenants. Here’s what happened: One of the tenants had applied to the landlord for permission to move a new occupant into his unit. Per LA

Beware of laundry leases!

When you first buy a building, you’re likely to be approached by someone, often the management company you hire, about signing a laundry lease. It will be pitched to you as a convenience for your tenants and an opportunity for you to make some extra cash. Be careful! What’s a laundry lease? It’s an agreement

Passive real estate investing part 2: Syndicated deals

As discussed in this post, one of the ways to invest in real estate without working on it full time is to put your money into a syndicated deal. Here’s how that works: A syndicator is a professional investor who finds a property to buy and then arranges to obtain both the debt and the


Today’s post is short and sweet (at least, sweet for me)… I’m back at Princeton for the weekend for my 10th Reunion. I plan to catch up with some old classmates, drink some really cheap, awful beer, and bore the hell out of a few people by droning on about real estate while they’re just

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