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Why you get the rents buttoned up BEFORE you list (part 2)

Apparently, the problem of not having the rents buttoned up before listing is not confined to 4plexes in West LA. Just had the same problem on a much larger deal. Before helping my client offer on the property, I requested the rent roll from the listing broker. We reviewed the information he provided, inputted it

How I got access to a property not on the MLS

A bunch of readers have asked variations of the same question about the Highland Park fourplexes I sent out two weeks ago: How is it that you can know a property is for sale without it being publicly available on the MLS?  As anyone who follows real estate knows, almost all deals end up on

Answering some questions

Time to start getting to some of the questions sent in by readers. I’ve lightly edited these, but they are from an actual reader (hey K A-M!): 1. Do you like LA particularly because of any demographic reasons (ie. local universities, business push, etc. ) or is its just important that you live in close

Maybe I’m insensitive, but…

…thank god the city’s finally doing something about the disgusting conditions on Skid Row. The LA Times had a good piece detailing the nearly 5 tons of filth removed from that neighborhood over the past few days. City workers removed “soiled mattresses, sofas, wheelchairs and portable commodes…[plus] 278 hypodermic needles, 94 syringes, 60 razor blades,

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