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Today’s agenda

Here’s what’s happening today: Meeting a potential client for coffee in the morning Finding out if a second appraisal hits for some clients for whom I’m brokering a fourplex deal; either it hits and I get paid all the work I’ve done on the deal over the past month or it doesn’t and I get

Ways into the apartment business

I met with a reader of this blog last week (hi Christina!) to discuss how she could get started in the apartment business. I spent a bunch of time blabbering to her and then realized that some of what I had said might interest those of you who are also considering making a career in


Looks like a lot of readers of the Eastsider are joining our conversation today… Welcome! In my day job, I work with investors to buy and fix up apartment buildings. I write this blog in order to meet like-minded people and also to share what I’ve learned from buying, renovating and selling 20 or so apartment

Los Feliz Rent Survey – July 2012

It’s time to continue our regular survey of Los Angeles rents. We do these surveys to give renters, landlords, developers, lenders, and appraisers access to up-to-date information on the rental market. This time, we’re focusing on Los Feliz. Things to note: This was a whopper of a survey, because Los Feliz is a huge neighborhood,

What’s a NNN (triple net) real estate deal?

Mostly, this blog covers apartment investing. That’s because apartments are the easiest part of the real estate game for new investors to enter and also the part that I know best. But there are other parts, some of them pretty interesting. Take NNN investing, for example. NNN (“triple net”) refers to a kind of commercial