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How long should the contingency periods be?

As we’ve discussed before, when you write an offer on an apartment building in Southern California using the standard purchase agreement, what you’re really doing is handing the owner a proposed purchase contract filled out with the terms upon which you are prepared to buy the property. Theoretically, the owner could just sign the offer

Down with CEQA

The NY Times had a great piece yesterday on the legislature’s attempt to reform California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). When then-Governor Ronald Reagan signed CEQA in the 1970’s, it may have been a good law. Now it’s an abomination that allows anyone who believes any project will negatively impact the environment to sue to halt

Collaborative sleuthing?

I’d like to try an experiment which will 100% definitely fail if you (my readers) don’t get involved. So, basically, I’m putting myself out here publicly and I’m going to have egg on my face if no one feels motivated to help. Here’s the experiment: I’ve posted a listing below. I would like us, as

Why being a broker is sometimes harder than being a buyer

As regular readers know, I do two kinds of deals: Deals with investors, where I am generally given discretion to make all decisions relating to buying, renovating, and managing the property in question; and Deals I broker, where I am simply an expert intermediary (hopefully) helping my client to deploy capital into the multifamily space.

The dispensary ban

When Lucy and I arrived in LA in 2007, we had never heard of a medical marijuana dispensary. They don’t exist in London, where we used to live. I distinctly remember thinking “19 year old Moses would have thought these were pretty cool.” Now, in what may be a symptom of growing up (or getting

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