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Am going to be sending out an interesting Highland Park opportunity in the next few days. It’s a little different from our usual deals, but it’s one in which we strongly believe. So, if you are a qualified investor (eg have a net worth exceeding $1MM exclusive of your home and/or income of $200k+ for

Immigration and real estate

Fellow not-under-rock-dwellers know that Obama issued an executive order yesterday granting a kind of contingent, temporary reprieve from deportation for several categories of illegal immigrants. This blog is about real estate, not politics, so I don’t want to get into debating whether what he did was right or wrong. But it is worth thinking a

Another seminar?

Have been thinking about holding another seminar / property tour. Think this one would focus on one property we’re currently renovating. We’d examine the initial listing, our thinking in pursuing the deal, how we got it, what the issues were in diligence, and our pro forma. Then, we’d go walk the property to take a

Problem solving

In our business, we are frequently confronted by fairly complex problems. A good example is the SCEP process, where you often get a long list of issues that needs to be addressed without clear guidance on how to address them. To make matters worse, many of these kinds of issues are related, so that you

Fear the SCEP-Monster

Every 2-3 years, the Housing Department attempts to inspect every apartment in the city under the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP). The inspections are at least notionally intended to ensure that landlords are running clean, safe buildings. In practice, the standards of enforcement vary so widely as to be kind of a joke… I have been