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Sorry for the lack of posts here in the last two days. We moved out of our rental and into the new fourplex on Wednesday and have been dealing with the aftermath since. Last time we moved, we had no children and it was still fairly painful. Now, with two kids and two dogs, it’s

Why we’re moving to the hood

My very patient wife Lucy and I are moving this week to a new home just north of Washington and just east of La Brea. When I tell people where we’re moving, they get sour looks on their faces and say things like “Oh, I guess it’s improving” or “It’s not that bad”. The truth

Feeding the homeless in LA

The NY Times has an interesting article today about a group of homeowners in Hollywood who are trying to stop charities from feeding homeless people in their neighborhood. Adrian over at Curbed responded with a fairly reasonable take-down of the homeowners. After all, particularly at this time of year, it’s pretty hard to sympathize with

Not much to buy

… for me, anyway. Regular readers know I tend to buy beat up buildings. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of beat-up buildings on the market, it’s just that the sellers think they ought to be paid prices that don’t reflect the fact they’re beat up. Interestingly, there are several reasonable buy-and-hold deals floating around,

My first worth-while conference

Attended RealShare yesterday at the Westin Downtown. I’ve been to a bunch of conferences before and never really got much out of them. This one was different: 1. Met a family that makes bridge loans of the type that Jon and I can use to make our deals potentially much more capital-efficient. 2. Ran into

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