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Fear the SCEP-Monster

Every 2-3 years, the Housing Department attempts to inspect every apartment in the city under the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP). The inspections are at least notionally intended to ensure that landlords are running clean, safe buildings. In practice, the standards of enforcement vary so widely as to be kind of a joke… I have been

Check out the new PMI blog

We do a ton of work for PMI, a company with deep roots in the creative office business which made a successful pivot to multifamily. Jeff Palmer, one of the principals, has taken up blogging and has a great post on the project we did at 653-659 Silver Lake. Unlike me, Jeff’s great about taking before and

Correcting some really idiotic thinking re development

Today we’re going to correct a damaging misperception about development. Many people out there apparently believe that the price of single family homes in desirable neighborhoods like Silver Lake and Echo Park is being driven up by competition from developers. Check out this comment thread on the Eastsider for an example of this line of

The miracle of the farmers’ market

Have spent the last week or so in Troy, NY, where I grew up. To give you a sense for how Troy was when I lived here: When NY de-institutionalized most of its mentally-ill population in the 1970s as a result of Geraldo Rivera’s investigations into the Willow Brook facility, a disproportionate share of the inmates

Boyle Heights gentrification survival guide

Over the past 12 hours, I have been thinking about whether I have anything to add to the discussion / controversy kicked off by our now-infamous bike -tour flyer. This blog, which is usually read by a few thousand people interested in investing in LA real estate, is suddenly getting a lot of attention from people who

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