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An irritating appraisal issue

As discussed yesterday, we’ve recently run into some issues with appraisals. The most irritating issue is a deal where the appraiser has totally botched his estimate of market rent for a vacant unit in the subject property. The unit is an 800 sq ft, 2 bed / 1 bath, standalone house with parking in Mid

Using a little leverage

Regular readers know I’m not a big fan of leverage. Yes, it has the ability to dramatically improve your results in upside scenarios. But I got started in this business during a total wipe-out and I’m determined not to expose myself or my investors to any real risk of losing properties in the event of

At RealShare

Am spending most of the day today at RealShare, the big real estate conference in Century City. If you’re attending, too, come say hello. I’ll be the guy with the inappropriately shaggy hair and beard (because I’m not selling anything).

Some good news for Boyle Heights

Today is a very, very good day for Boyle Heights. The Exide battery recycling plant, the one that has been poisoning the air and ground in BH for decades, is shutting down. The company made a deal with the US attorney to close in exchange for the feds not pressing criminal charges for illegal dumping /

Imitation, flattery, blah blah blah

Went to an inspection today on a deal we’re thinking of buying. This was a weird one, in that the listing broker allowed all the buyers to walk through the property prior to having an accepted offer. I think this is good practice on the part of the listing broker, because it gives the seller

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