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Some things to consider BEFORE buying a condo

Buying a condo is about 1000x easier than buying an apartment building. Among the things you don’t have to worry about are: foundation, roof, rent control tenants, environmental issues, etc. But there are still some pretty important things to consider, things about which the vast (and I mean VAST) majority of agents know nothing. 1.

What’s wrong with buyers right now?

Had coffee with a competitor of mine yesterday. He said something that really resonated with me, something like: “I’m looking at some of these deals getting done and I feel like calling the buyers up and asking them what’s wrong with them.” That’s exactly how I feel right now. The benefit of doing sub-institutional scale deals

208 S Avenue 58 is done

Just finished a sweet little 5-unit in Highland Park on behalf of another group. This one had concrete floors on the ground floor, so we polished them. The effect is a little industrial in the pics, but really cool in person. If you’re interested in an amazing, reasonably-priced 3 bed apartment in Highland Park, reach

What you’re borrowing against when you buy a single family home

Was talking to someone about whether she should buy a house last night and it dawned on me: Most people, even really smart people, don’t understand what they’re doing when they buy a house with a mortgage. Most people think, when they get a mortgage on a home, that they’re borrowing against the home. Wrong.

Two skills kids should have for life

Two things to which I will definitely expose my kids well before they reach adulthood: Accounting. I know this is kind of lame, but accounting underpins the entire financial world. I regard it as a crime that learning basic accounting wasn’t required of me in highschool or college. Yeah, I would have protested at the time,