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Pondering single family home brokerage

As deals become harder to find in this cycle, we’re thinking about new ways to expand our business. One of the options is to make a push into single family home brokerage. Before you keel over, understand: I’m not advocating that people buy single family homes as investments. Except in very specific circumstances (like 2009-2011),

Giving a talk today

Today, am going to speak to Mott Smith’s real estate development class at USC. The topic? Capital structures for real estate entrepreneurs… or, in other words, how to build a real estate business from scratch without starving. Here’s the rough outline for my talk: First: Do good deals Why a small asset base is a problem

Some indications that ride sharing may be reducing car ownership

BL, a reader of this blog, sent me an interesting article yesterday about the interaction between Uber/Lyft use and car ownership. Regular readers know I regard ride sharing as a major force that will re-shape the nature of in-fill real estate development. If you’re just joining us: As the price of ride sharing falls (which

1129-1135 N Virgil coming right along

Thought you’d appreciate seeing some progress photos from a project we have going at 1129-1135 N Virgil, right by Sunset Junction. It’s a complex of three duplexes and a single family home, all with parking and private outdoor space. When we started in our business, Hoover was definitely the western boundary of Silver Lake. These

What we want to buy (part 346)

The market for apartment buildings has been dry as a bone so far this year and I’m starting to get antsy again. Judging from past experience (documented on this blog), what this means is that I’ll be in escrow on like three deals next week. But, for the sake of leaving no stone unturned, allow

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