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Some before pics

Adaptive is embarking on an absolute gem of a project and I thought I’d share just a couple of “before” pics with you. Check back here in about a year to get your mind blown.

Why you need to own the means of production

If you want to work for yourself, you need to own the means of production. What do I mean by this? When my brother and I started our casting technology business, CAZT, we had a pretty great idea. We figured out how to provide something of value to one set of customers for free, in

A ridiculous idea from the city council

There’s a simple concept in economics regarding taxation: Tax what you want less of. So, we tax gas, smoking, booze, (increasingly) marijuana, etc. In light of the above, can someone please explain the city council’s decision to tax housing in the middle of what everyone agrees is a massive housing shortage? Too lazy to click?

More deals, more complexity

Jon and I have, so far, built a career on building and renovating sub-institutional scale assets. (By this, I mean apartment properties with 4-27 units.) The upside is that the returns are better than anything I think you can achieve in LA with larger multifamily properties. The downside is that we have a ton of

An appreciation

Spent the long weekend in Jackson, WY at the wedding of one of my best friends from highschool. For the sake of this story, let’s call him “H”. H’s a super-successful dude. He started a hedge fund in his late 20s that did amazingly well, then provided all of the capital for my second through

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