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More about wealth managers

Further to my previous post about wealth managers and why they’ve never called me, here’s an interesting NY Times article about the business practices of the wealth management team at JP Morgan Chase. It’s a pretty interesting piece and I would recommend giving it a read, but, if you’re busy, here’s the money quote: “These

Why writers should own apartment buildings

At first glance, the title above seems pretty crazy, right? After all, writers are creative types. They spend their days conjuring stories from thin air to delight the public. Why should people like that be involved in the nitty-gritty of owning and managing apartments? Like many things in life, it comes down to money. Writers,

Elon Musk: An appreciation

When my brother and I bought our first building, I can remember this odd feeling when we began to advertise our apartments for rent. I felt like I should be asking someone’s permission to rent out the units. It seemed weird that we didn’t need some authority figure to bless what we were doing. We

Westmoreland = sold

Remember 1239 N. Westmoreland? We put up for sale on the MLS on April 17 for $949,000. On May 19, just over a month later, we closed for $950,000. After selling costs, we netted $920,000 or so. We bought the property and renovated it in 2009 for a total investment of $680,000. During the time we

Follow Neal and Jodi’s Landlord Adventures

Jodi and Neal, friends who I helped buy a duplex in Echo Park a few months ago, are writing an awesome blog documenting their experiences as first time landlords: The most recent entry describes their first landlord emergency, involving a clogged pipe and a weekend call to the plumber. It’s a great reminder that

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