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Are rents sustainable?

One of my agents was in my office yesterday wondering whether current rents are sustainable. She happens to be looking for a new apartment and can’t believe 1/1s are going for $1350 in City Terrace. In my opinion, rents are very sustainable and, if anything, likely to increase. Why? During the Great Recession, tons and

University Park Rent Survery

Today, we’re looking at rents in the USC University Park area. It’s an older neighborhood, centered on the University, with loads of old Victorian and Craftsmen homes in various states of repair. Situated between downtown and South Los Angeles, there is easy access to the 110 and 10 freeways and the Expo Metro line. Given the

Studio City Rent Survey – December 2012

You wouldn’t think it, but there are definitely people out there looking for apartments right now (my property management company closed two leases yesterday, with one more signing today). So, we figured we’d continue our surveys of asking rents in different parts of LA, this time by taking a look at Studio City in the

West Hollywood Rent Survey – November 2012

This week, we’re looking at rents in West Hollywood. Keep in mind that West Hollywood is its own city, separate from Los Angeles and with its own rent-control law. Also, West Hollywood has historically had a fairly progressive view on development, meaning that the city is dense and there are lots of apartments. All of

North Hollywood Rent Survey – October 2012

This month, we’re taking a look at North Hollywood rents, mostly because I’m curious about why people are paying such high prices to buy apartment buildings there. A few things to keep in mind: North Hollywood is huge; there are way more apartments there than in other neighborhoods we’ve looked at previously, so the numbers