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Buildings we will manage and buildings we won’t

Have recently found myself explaining my take on our property management business to several people and figured I’d put it up here for general consumption. Lots of people ask us to manage their buildings and we generally decline. Why? In LA, there are basically two kinds of buildings: 1. Ones that have been renovated somewhat

Termites, housing and LAHD

You might be wondering¬†how termites and the Housing Department intersect. I’m going to tell you. First, a bit about termites: In Southern California, most structures are constructed from wood. This is because wood is cheap, durable, and holds up well in earthquakes (because it’s flexible). The main downside to wood construction, which is that wood

Silver Lake duplexes nearing completion

We’ve got two wonderful duplexes just south of Sunset nearing completion. When we help our client buy them, they were in rough shape. There was all kinds of deferred maintenance and the tenants weren’t paying much rent. The upside was that they were in a fabulous location, non-rent control and had parking, views, decks, and

2514 London is in lease up

We’ve just completed construction on another fourplex for Adaptive Realty Fund 1. This one is on London St, just south of the 101. It’s kind of an experiment for us, since we’ve never done a project there before. But the units came out great, and we’re pretty confident we’re going to get our rents. If

653-659 Silver Lake… leased.

We just signed the last lease on a 13 unit project on Silver Lake Blvd. Total time to lease up all of the units was 18 days, start to finish. Rents ended up averaging around 10% more than what we expected when we started the project last Christmas. Hat tip to Jon for his designs

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