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Silver Lake one beds – get ‘em while they last

Just opened a new project for a fee for service client on Silver Lake Blvd. Take a look at these units: I spent two weeks right before Christmas 2012 helping our partner close on what was a terribly neglected, blighted property in a great location. It’s amazing to see what Jon has done with the

Is a rent controlled tenancy an asset?

Interesting story from NY over the weekend about a court case which will determine whether a rent-controlled tenancy is an asset. Here is a simplified version: Woman in NYC has a rent controlled apartment She runs up large credit card bills She files Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get the creditors to charge off her debts

New units coming on line

We are just finishing a Silver Lake triplex we renovated on a fee-for-service basis for a very nice family. We put the upper two units online this weekend and we’re getting a ton of interest. Here’s the Craigslist ad. If you’re interested in an incredible, newly-renovated 3 bed / 1 bath apartment in the hills

5 Things You Must Do/Have to Get An Adaptive Apartment

We’ve been doing this for a while now and we’ve learned a lot about what makes a great building. Yes, the location is important. And the renovations have to be right. But a major part of making a building great for the people who live in it and manage it is making sure that the

Be a good steward

One of the challenges of being a property owner is figuring out how much to spend maintaining / improving your building. There is a permanent temptation to keep costs down by papering over problems. You can almost always find a cheap way to fix whatever problem has arisen. And, short term, you probably won’t notice

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