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How to research asking rents on Craigslist

If you’re going to do multifamily projects, you need to know your target post-rehab rents. In our business, we rely heavily on proprietary information from our existing portfolio. Since almost all our units are renovated to a similar standard and all our buildings are clustered in a few areas, we have very granular information about

How to think about assemblage

When you’re in a hot market, every second thing you get from brokers is a development opportunity. That’s generally code for “over-price land”. And I’ll tell you what your first impulse is: To see if you can maybe buy the land on either side and have that make the project work. (That’s called “assemblage”.) But this

Building a platform

Here’s a sobering fact: The overhead at Adaptive Realty runs something like $45k / month. That means, before Jon and I see $1 in 2016, we need to bring in revenue of around $540k. Why have we set our business up like this, rather than just being “deal doers” who are lean and mean? The

How to handle weather-related construction delays

El Nino is finally here and we’re pretty well prepared, at least with respect to the existing portfolio. But, unsurprisingly, construction workers generally don’t love working in the rain. And that confronts us with an irritating dilemma. We can: Suck up the resulting construction delays; or Bonus the workers (either directly or via their employing

Should I buy a condo as an investment?

Had two conversations with people interested in buying condos for investment purposes yesterday, so figured I’d repeat what I told them here. The first thing to understand about buying condos (and single family homes) in Los Angeles right now is that doing so is not really an investment. Why? Because prices are so high relative

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