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Passive real estate investing part 3: Funds

We’ve previously discussed why active real estate investing can be challenging for individual investors here. And then we talked about investing in syndicated deals. This post is about investing in real estate funds, also called “blind pools”. The kind of funds we’re interested in today don’t start out owning any properties (the ones that do

How to get started

What an amazing response to the Westmoreland sale post! Am really looking forward to working with a number of you who got in touch. For those who are thinking of dipping a toe in the market but don’t really know how to start, I suggest reading the following pieces: What does success in real estate look

Buying from foreclosure auctions

Is it worth getting involved in buying properties through county foreclosure auctions? The short answer is “maybe”. First, some background: When a borrower defaults on a loan in CA (usually by failing to pay), the trustee who holds title to the property in question is directed by the lender to hold a trustee’s auction. At

How to determine what your mortgage payment would be

As part of WordPress, the software that runs this blog, I can see the search terms that land people on my site. Almost every day, there is someone asking Google something like “what are my payments at 5% on $400,000”. Figured I’d share with you how I estimate those. If I’m doing a spreadsheet, I

The South LA Strategy

Just had lunch with a potential buyer (hi Bill!) who’s thinking of dumping around $1MM into LA apartment properties. He is comparing the opportunities available here with those available in Vegas, Florida, Phoenix and other depressed markets. He’s looking for a very high, 10+% cash-on-cash yield with room for lots of appreciation. Obviously, getting to

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