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Ways into the apartment business

I met with a reader of this blog last week (hi Christina!) to discuss how she could get started in the apartment business. I spent a bunch of time blabbering to her and then realized that some of what I had said might interest those of you who are also considering making a career in

Selling notes

Here’s an angle on real estate that some lenders pursue: Selling notes. I was trying to explain this business to Lucy two nights ago as we were lying in bed. Needless to say, it put her to sleep. So please stop reading if you have anything important to do this morning. Anyway, here’s how the

What is the Los Angeles REAP program?

Spend enough time looking at Los Angeles apartment listings and you will find one that says something like “Property in REAP. Looking for an all-cash buyer”. Or, much worse, you might get a letter from the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) threatening to place your property in REAP if you don’t comply with their demands.

Should you hold real estate in an LLC?

Lots of buyers ask me about holding properties within an entity like an LLC, instead of in their own names. I’ll share the advice I give them with you, but only if you promise to remember that I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. First, let’s be clear about why someone

All about earthquake insurance

Potential apartment building owners occasionally ask me about earthquake insurance, which is not included in a standard property insurance plan. It’s kind of scary for owners with commercial mortgages, because recourse loans require you to pay up, even in the event of the building being seriously damaged or destroyed.   I’ve never bought EQ coverage

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