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How not to act in a rising interest rate environment

We’re living in a world of rising interest rates, which are already fundamentally changing the real estate market. As discussed yesterday, as interest rates rise, prices should fall, all other things being equal. That’s because more expensive debt means reduced cashflow and lower returns at a given price. But, all things are not equal. In

Don’t buy apartment buildings if…

1. You don’t like confrontation. Inevitably, you are going to have tenants who screw things up and need to leave your building. No one is going to care about it as much as you do, so you’re the one with whom the buck is going to stop. If you can’t stick up for yourself /

FHA loan limits

Have recently had a lot of buyers interested in using FHA loans. We’ve discussed why this is a difficult time to get these loans done before. But, obviously, being able to buy an apartment building with 5% down is pretty appealing. So I thought I’d post a quick FHA refresher. FHA is a program for first

How security deposits are handled in a sale

Have had this question a few times in the past few weeks so I figured I’d answer it for everyone: How are security deposits handled in a sale? First, owner typically do not maintain a separate account for security deposits. When a tenant moves into the building, he gives the landlord a check for the

Why a quiet marketing period makes sense

When it comes down to it, most brokers who sell residential properties don’t know a lot about marketing income property. (One easy way you can tell is that most of them don’t include information that is absolutely critical to an income property investor – like the rents! – in their MLS listings.) But why does

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