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All yields are not the same

Sometimes I’m guilty of throwing around yield numbers on this blog without providing specifics. I’ll say “we legged into a 9% un-levered yield” or “the cash-on-cash yield on this deal is 6%”. Some of you are probably sitting there thinking that you can compare those yields with, for example, what you can get by lending

How to get started in real estate

Get a sales person license. Join a decent brokerage. Get your personal expenses under control so you can survive for 6 months without earning. Read voraciously to learn about the business. Hustle like crazy to bring in your first deal. Work your first deal as hard as you know how. Ask questions of your broker

How the price of land affects your income taxes

Yesterday, the Eastsider reported on the proposed sale of a piece of land on Temple entitled for 69 units. That got me thinking about the value of land in Echo Park and how it impacts the income taxes of property owners there. (Warning: This piece is a little heavy on the math, but it’s critically

How I think about LA real estate

A contact just sent me this  link to an excerpt from Warren Buffett’s most recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter. Buffett’s approach is pretty much exactly how I think about multifamily real estate in improving parts of LA: Pay a reasonable price, such that the yield in year 1 is acceptable Don’t put yourself in a

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