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What we’re against

Most people think that the way to get ahead is to get a job and work hard. Their salary goes up a bit. They save a little money. They immediately go buy a house with the biggest mortgage they can get. They think the loan is against the house, but really it’s a loan against

How we value apartment buildings (part 2)

In my last post, I talked about how our approach to valuing apartment buildings derives from my experience as an investment banker trying to value media and technology companies. Simply put: When you’re trying to get a sense for the value of an asset in an illiquid market, you want to use all of the

Amnesty for illegals (apartments, that is)

Per the LA Times (and via Curbed): Landlord and tenant groups in LA are uniting around an initiative to allow landlords to legalize non-conforming apartments more easily. Right now, if the Housing Department catches a landlord with an illegal apartment, here’s what happens: LAHD cites landlord for un-permitted unit, orders her to either get it permitted

The math behind discovering a new neighborhood

As prices continue to rise for the kind of beat-up, badly managed assets that are our bread-and-butter, we are spending more time looking at new neighborhoods. Am I going to tell you which ones I’m focusing on? No, because a bunch of people who compete with me read this blog. But I will share with

An effective wealth building strategy

One couple, two incomes. Live on one, save the other. Buy first 4plex FHA. Live in one unit, accelerating savings. Accumulate downpayment for building #2. Buy building #2 with 25% down. Resist temptation to increase spending; saving accelerates due to income from building #2. Buy building #3. Rinse. Repeat. Assuming we’re talking about 4plexes that

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