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An irritating refinancing issue

Have just begun the process of refinancing 201 N Ave 55, a 12 unit property we renovated and recently stabilized. Thought I’d share with you an irritating issue I’m running into, so that you aren’t surprised when it happens to you. Let me begin by giving you some sample numbers. These aren’t actuals for the

Some advice I wish I had received

Going back to Princeton for reunions recently caused me to do some thinking about my personal network, which led me to thinking about advice I wish I had received when I was a kid. The advice is this: Your personal network is the most important factor in your career; Your highschool and college years are

Why I intentionally have a bunch of vacant apartments

Right now, I have a bunch of apartments sitting vacant. That sounds crazy, right? After all, we are in the business of renting apartments. Having vacancies means we’re intentionally not maximizing revenue, which means a lower return to us and our investors. So what’s going on? Well, we bought a bunch of buildings a few years

Why we’re in emerging neighborhoods

Found myself talking about neighborhoods with a new agent of ours yesterday. We were discussing why our deals (both the ones we do for ourselves and the ones we broker) tend to be grouped in a few main areas, none of which are the Westside, Hollywood, or Miracle Mile. It’s not that we dislike working

A small problem with putting solar on your roof

There’s a slight problem with putting a solar system on your roof: You may be radically reducing the value of your property. Now, this doesn’t go for all homes. It’s specifically the case with home in cities where the zoning allows for denser development. So, for example, consider an old 800 sq ft single family home

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