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From whom should I borrow?

(Sorry for the obnoxious headline… my inner grammarian wouldn’t allow me to end a headline with a preposition.) Had a friend call me today asking that simple question. Turns out a broker has been pushing her to use a particular loan broker and my friend wanted to know if that was good advice or not. So, without

What I’m a sucker for…

I have a deep, embarrassing, long term addiction to low price per sq ft deals. There, I admitted it. Do you know why I’m addicted? It’s pretty simple: 1. On the tenant side, buying for a really low per sq means that you can offer large apartments at relatively low, per sq ft rents and

A well-run sale process

We’re currently participating in an interesting sale process, so thought I’d share the details. The seller and listing broker have chosen to run their process differently than most and will, I think, achieve better than average results. To understand what they’re doing differently, you first need to understand how a normal process works. In a

When to order the appraisal

Recently, the question of when to order the appraisal has caused problems for us on two deals, so I thought I would address it here. Just so everyone is clear on what we’re talking about: When you use a loan to buy a building, the bank requires an appraisal be conducted. Depending on the size

Beware of setbacks!

Apologies, in advance, for a fairly technical piece, but this is very important information for anyone doing remodeling in LA. If you’re rehabbing a property, you need to be extremely careful about touching anything located in any setbacks. What do I mean by setbacks? They are the parts of any lot in which the city

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