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What you do when land gets scarce / valuable

One of the things we do to most of our buildings is privatize outdoor space. We do this because, as property prices and rents increase, you can’t afford to have land sitting around not generating rent. Apparently, Singapore is in kind of the same situation: they’re running out of land to develop, so they need

Why I love Mid City

Let’s be clear about what I mean by Mid-City: Everything north of the 10, east of La Cienega, south of Wilshire, and west of Western. Why do I love it? Because: 1. It’s central: The area I just described is roughly 10-15 minutes by car from all of the jobs on the Westside (in Beverly Hills,

My kind of bad

Late last week, Jon and I took the whole team to walk-through a real P.O.S. building in Echo Park that I’m very excited to try to buy. Here’s a representative picture: Note the trash everywhere and the broken wall where someone stole the electrical wires to sell for drug money. Obviously, I fell in love

Now everyone loves Silver Lake

Hat tip to Adrian over at Curbed for noticing that CNN Money ranked Silver Lake as one of the country’s best big city neighborhoods. I think the CNN Money piece misses some of the most important things about the neighborhood: The combination of relatively dense, multifamily zoning south of Sunset and relatively sparsely populated single

A bit of unwanted public art

The Eastsider recently published an article about a gang injunction being proposed for Echo Park and a few surrounding neighborhoods. The comment thread got very heated, in part because there is at least one group that opposes the injunction as some kind of tool of oppression / gentrification. Other local residents responded that they’ve noticed

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