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Uber and real estate

Want to spend some more time today on an idea I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post: That Uber (or something like) has the potential to radically reshape our city. To understand where I’m coming from, you need to take the following two pieces of information as given: Google or some other company will release a

Grandfathered zoning

Got to thinking over the weekend about plumbing and electric. (Bored already? Sorry.) As you probably know, we almost always replace both systems when we renovate a building. Often, the last time the systems were replaced was sometime in the 1950s or 1960s. I was idly considering whether anyone would ever have to replace these

What people want

Have been spending a lot of time looking at both apartment and single family home listings. In general, am absolutely appalled at both the properties on offer and the way in which they are marketed. Here is what people want: Clean, straight lines Open spaces Minimal detailing Many / large windows White walls Real materials

A reminder

Sometimes I get wrapped up in thinking about buildings as financial abstractions. I think about the cost of buying and renovating them, the rents we can achieve, the likely operating costs, the expected yield, the value on exit, the transaction costs and the profit. I have the luxury of doing this because our very able

The deal size problem

Here’s something true about real estate: It is much easier to find highly profitable small deals than highly profitable large deals. Why is this true? Well, the smaller the deal, the more likely it is that the owner and /or listing broker are inexperienced / inept. Those kinds of decision-makers frequent screw up the management

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