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How a fund manager gets paid

Do you ever wonder how, exactly, Adaptive makes money? Figured I’d break it down for you. Today, let’s talk about our investment funds. These are discretionary investment vehicles. That means a group of people with capital to deploy commit a certain amount of money (say, $100-250k) to the entity. Then, we, as managers of the

Why our infrastructure is falling apart

The NY Times had an interesting piece over the weekend about LA’s failing infrastructure. It focused, as all these pieces do, on the age of our pipes, sidewalks, etc., plus on CA’s general tax-aversion. What it left out was any discussion of the role our zoning code plays. Here’s the deal: If, as a city,

Lyft, Uber and America

Regular readers know I’m a major fan of ride-sharing companies. They’ve totally changed the way that I, and many other Angelos, get around our city. And, as I’ve written before, I think the changes are sufficiently profound to eventually reshape the built environment here, too. But today I want to focus on what I regard

Highland Park gentrification response

Hat-tip to Curbed for linking to this really fascinating piece on Highland Park gentrification. Before I get into my problem with the article, I want to congratulate the author on what I think is a fair, reasonable account of the changes taking place in Highland Park. Now, to the problem. Here’s the money quote: “These [renter]

The two economies

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know about LA’s Other Economy. How do I know? Because you can read English, and the Other Economy is not, for the most part, English-speaking. What is the Other Economy? It: Comprises mainly immigrants and their American-born children Is conducted in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Khmer, and other languages Is

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