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See awesome construction pics

Adaptive finally has an Instagram account with tons of pics of our ongoing renovation projects. The tech-savvy among you can follow @adaptiverealty for on-going updates. The less tech-savvy (including, for example, me), can check out the pics here: Going forward, we’re going to document all of our on-going projects (and there are a ton!)

Beware of setbacks!

Apologies, in advance, for a fairly technical piece, but this is very important information for anyone doing remodeling in LA. If you’re rehabbing a property, you need to be extremely careful about touching anything located in any setbacks. What do I mean by setbacks? They are the parts of any lot in which the city

Some stats on our business

Jon and I are hiring a photographer to go back and document all of the buildings we’ve renovated. She asked for a list, so I went back through my records to produce one. Thought you would be interested in the results of my research: Completed gut-renovations on 25 buildings totaling 156 units Renovations in progress

My thoughts on the anti-gentrification march on York this weekend

So this weekend a bunch of residents held an anti-gentrification march on York Blvd. in Highland Park. Here’s a description from the Eastsider: “A group of anti-gentrification protestors – some of them masked and waving banners – paraded down the sidewalks of York Boulevard tonight, taping “Eviction Notices” on new businesses…” Neither I nor anyone in

Are there any good deals out there?

Well, I’ve written 4-5 offers this week. And I just stumbled across a deal that’s going to end up being somewhere between an 8.5-9.5% unlevered yield (eg cap). Of course, these things aren’t just falling off trees. You need some combination of superior local knowledge, skill / experience, and sufficient capital. Inventory is definitely tight,

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