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The gestation of an idea

I spend a lot of my time kind of aimlessly drifting. It’s pretty weird that I do this; I think most business people are much more focused than I am on a day-to-day basis. What I do is read a whole bunch of stuff and talk to people. I’m not necessarily specifically looking for an

The problems with retail

I have spent years thinking about trying to apply our design sensibility to the retail asset class. After all, we’re very good at maximizing the value of small spaces. It ought to be possible to do this with stores, too. So, why haven’t we jumped in? Two reasons: 1. The macro-trend towards online shopping. My family buys

The kind of regulation that drives me crazy

Hat tip to Adrian over at Curbed for noticing a new, irritating piece of regulation from LA’s city council. Here’s the regulation, in a nut-shell: “The LA City Council … preliminarily pass[ed] an ordinance that will make it illegal to covertly demolish buildings more than 45 years old… The ordinance requires property owners to notify neighbors and their

Ballpark returns

Had an interesting conversation today with a guy looking at building condos / small lot. One of the questions he had was what kind of returns a developer can expect. I’m far from an expert on ground up, but I’ve run the numbers on a lot of projects. Right now, here’s where I think you

Apologies for the lack of posts

Didn’t write Friday or Monday because I’ve been slammed. We were finishing up diligence on the first deal for Adaptive Realty Fund 3, our latest investment vehicle. Late last night, we removed contingencies, with closing to come early next week. On top of that, my very capable assistant has been out sick, so I’m doing

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