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From the local government desk, Franz Kafka reporting

Thought I’d relate a story today about the insanity of local government. We recently purchased a building which we intend to totally renovate. Due to the age of the building, the number of people who live there and lack of attention by the previous owner, there is a vermin problem in the building. The county

Some thoughts on high-end home flipping

Have spoken with a bunch of people over the past few days who are involved in high-end home flipping. This isn’t the kind of stuff that was going on in 2009-2012, where you could buy a foreclosed single family in say, Highland Park, for $400k, dump $50k into it, and sell for $550k. Those deals

Do single family home rentals work in LA in 2015?

One of our clients asked an interesting question yesterday that I think worthy of some discussion here: “Has Adaptive done any single family home deals where the rental numbers would work out to at least cover PITI after fixing up the property?” In other words, can you buy a single family home as a rental

What I did yesterday

From the “This Ain’t Just Capital Deployment” files: What did you do at your job yesterday? Me? Oh, I negotiated and then personally oversaw voluntary move-out by a guy who had been arrested for threatening his neighbors with an ax. Of course, I brought along two armed guards, plus a crew to help move his

A long term building program

  Have been doing some thinking about ground up development of small-to-medium size apartment buildings lately. We’ve not built ground-up before, but we’re getting closer and closer and I believe ground-up is likely to be a big part of our business mix in the coming years. Here’s how I think about it: Assuming reasonable planning

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