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Why construction costs are so high

Was at a panel discussion on development recently and rising construction costs came up. Everyone wants to know why it costs like 30% more to build a building than it did two years ago. There are lots of theories, including: All the sub-contractors retired in 2008 Lots of laborers went back to their home countries

SROs: A new, old idea

I read a TON about business, in general, and real estate, in particular. So it’s fairly rare for me to come across an idea that’s genuinely new to me. But I came across one last night, during a conversation with a much more experienced owner-operator, that I’d like to share. We were discussing the housing

The other LA tech story

Everyone interested in LA’s tech sector has been talking up Silicon Beach for years. SB is the constellation of tech companies, including SnapChat, Google, Facebook and others which are located on the Westside, mostly in Santa Monica and Playa Vista. But I think all the attention paid to SB has obscured the most interesting story

Going into lease-up on a big project

We’re in lease-up on a wonderful complex in East Hollywood. Have posted some pics below. If you’re interested in a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment walking distance to Sunset Junction and the Red Line with parking and private outdoor space, reach out to Krystal [at] adaptiverealty [dot] com.

A little thought experiment

Thought experiment regarding American population dispersion: Imagine you picked up all of the people who live in the United States, then allowed them to pick where you put them down, with no regard to where they lived before. How many would choose to be set back down in the Northeast and Upper Midwest? How many