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Whither interest rates?

Literally every day, I ponder the following questions: When will the Fed stop buying bonds and allow interest rates to rise?, and When rates rise, how much will they rise by? If you believe that the Fed is going to keep stimulating the economy for several years and/or that, when it stops, rates won’t rise

FHA deals are still possible (I think)

A very good agent who works with me, Marcus, got a client of ours into an FHA deal on a fourplex last week. Does the property need work? Yes. Is it in the best location in the world? No. Is the buyer going to make a lot of money on the deal? Almost certainly, yes.

Where’s the single family home market going?

Hadn’t really considered this question in a while, until a client asked me yesterday. Let me start out by saying that anyone who is 100% certain of the direction of any market ought to be at a hedge fund betting on their ideas. In the case of the residential housing market, I think you could

Banks and rents in LA

Right now, one of the biggest problems I see across multiple deals is the total lack of understanding of LA rent control among bank underwriters. Underwriters are the guys (and gals) who review the property and the borrower to help the bank decide whether- and how much- to loan on a given deal. Because they

More on demands

We briefly discussed demands (the documentation provided by the lender of what the borrower still owes on a loan that’s about to be paid off) a few days ago, because I was dealing with a particularly irritating lender who was taking forever to issue a demand. You’re not going to believe this, but the lender

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