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How to act in a rising interest rate environment

Over the past few days, we’ve been discussing the rising interest rate environment and how it is changing the real estate market. We spent a bunch of time on a strategy investors should avoid. Today, we’re going to focus on strategies that make sense in an environment where: The economy is improving; and Interest rates are

How not to act in a rising interest rate environment

We’re living in a world of rising interest rates, which are already fundamentally changing the real estate market. As discussed yesterday, as interest rates rise, prices should fall, all other things being equal. That’s because more expensive debt means reduced cashflow and lower returns at a given price. But, all things are not equal. In

In the midst of a market disjunction

Had breakfast with a really experienced broker this morning, a guy who I think of as kind of a mentor. He started in real estate in the early 1980s and has bought and sold an unbelievable number of properties in the Echo Park area since then. I complained to him that the market feels pretty weird

Whole lotta building going on…

In our areas (Silver Lake / Echo Park / etc.), there are tons of small lot subdivision projects in the works. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least four projects going in right now, and there are definitely more that I’m forgetting. So, the question for all of us apartment people, is:

How increasing interest rates are changing the market

Had an amazing thing happen a few days ago: One of my agents was representing a buyer in a deal. When the buyer saw how much interest rates had moved in the last week or so, he changed his mind about the deal. In an effort to try to keep the deal together, my agent

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