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In basketball, a tweener is a player who’s between positions, like a slow, 6’6″ forward with a strong post game. He’s too strong for small forwards and too quick for power forwards. But, he’s also too slow to guard small forwards and too short to post-up power forwards. There’s value there, but it comes with significant

Checking in on the East Hollywood income property market

I’m on the record repeatedly extolling the virtues of owning in East Hollywood. I generally think owners there underestimate the achievable rents and that buyers can therefore occasionally find deals that makes sense, even at today’s inflated prices. Today, I figured I’d check in on the income properties on the market in East Hollywood to

About to remove your appraisal contingency? Read this first.

You need to be very careful when you are considering removing your appraisal contingency, because it’s very easy to get burned. To understand why, we need to look at what an appraisal contingency is. Here’s the relevant language from paragraph 3I the California Association of Realtors multi-family agreement: “This Agreement is contingent upon a written

How security deposits are handled in a sale

Have had this question a few times in the past few weeks so I figured I’d answer it for everyone: How are security deposits handled in a sale? First, owner typically do not maintain a separate account for security deposits. When a tenant moves into the building, he gives the landlord a check for the

Bank error in my favor; collect $1400

It is customary, in Southern California, for the seller in a real estate deal to choose the escrow company. Generally, when I’m representing a buyer, and the buyer asks me if she should be concerned about the company chosen by the seller, I give a speach about how I’ve closed 30 or 35 deals over

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