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Helping investors navigate a changing market

Here’s how I see the market for apartment buildings now: There are very few deals that make sense on their own, as simple cashflow plays. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s just that you need to hunt a lot harder for them than before. But there are plenty of value-add plays, if you’re willing/able

Why the diligence matters

Yesterday, the LA Times had an absolutely horrific story about a couple who bought a duplex and then got slammed by LADBS. Here’s the piece. How could this poor couple have avoided the pickle they’re in? 1. Foundation inspection. The retaining wall issue in the back would have been apparent to anyone who does a

Why I love Mid City

Let’s be clear about what I mean by Mid-City: Everything north of the 10, east of La Cienega, south of Wilshire, and west of Western. Why do I love it?¬†Because: 1. It’s central: The area I just described is roughly 10-15 minutes by car from all of the jobs on the Westside (in Beverly Hills,

What’s the new neighborhood?

I’m not telling. Last time I had a good idea regarding location, I opened my big fat mouth trying to look cool at some industry functions. My guess is that I created 3-4 competitors for myself just by doing that. So, now, when people ask me which areas I like, I play it a little

What do I think you should do?

Go buy a 2-4 unit apartment building in reasonable condition, at a reasonable price, with reasonable debt. Don’t sell it, even when the price goes up. Save money. When you’ve saved enough, buy another one. Do this four times, after which you won’t be able to get another 30 year fixed mortgage. Then move on

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