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A thought about the Metro

I think properties near Metro stations are generally undervalued. Why? After all, even if you live near a station, it’s relatively unlikely that you will work near one, too. That fact dramatically limits the Metro’s value to most people in the city. But the trend for Metro is positive: More lines and more stops over the

The easiest way to make money with apartment buildings

Follow this recipe: 1. Choose an area in Los Angeles which is currently marginal but showing strong signs of improving 2. Find a building in reasonable condition 3. Purchase it at a price which is less than or equal to 11x the total annual rent 4. Keep your leverage reasonable – like 70% LTV maximum

What’s the best way to buy with a small downpayment?

Today’s NY Times has an interesting comparison of 5% down FHA and conventional loans. (For more about the basics of FHA loans, read this.) It turns out that the increased mortgage insurance premiums currently demanded by FHA make FHA loans a worse deal than 5% down conventional. If you’re considering buying with little money down

Know anyone we can help?

Have been mulling over an idea for a few months that I’d like some feedback on. Here goes: I would like Adaptive to help one deserving family which currently rents become owners of a small apartment complex. Here’s how it would work: We identify a family to help We help the family find and offer

State of the market

I’ve only been doing this for five years or so. I jumped in in 2008, meaning that I’ve never seen a normal, healthy, strong real estate market in Southern CA. I think I’m seeing one now, and I have to tell you: It’s not pretty for multifamily investors. Go check out the apartment buildings listed

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