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Am going to be sending out an interesting Highland Park opportunity in the next few days. It’s a little different from our usual deals, but it’s one in which we strongly believe. So, if you are a qualified investor (eg have a net worth exceeding $1MM exclusive of your home and/or income of $200k+ for

The essential passivity of the rehabber

By far the most annoying part of my business is this: I am at the mercy of the market. We’ve got every trick in the book for maximizing the rents, and therefore the value, of apartment buildings. We can take the ugliest building in the world and turn it into the kind of place that

When to order the appraisal

Recently, the question of when to order the appraisal has caused problems for us on two deals, so I thought I would address it here. Just so everyone is clear on what we’re talking about: When you use a loan to buy a building, the bank requires an appraisal be conducted. Depending on the size

A great real estate story

One of our agents just bought his first apartment building, it’s an awesome story, and I thought I’d share it with you. When David Brundige came to work with us a few years ago, I knew he was exceptionally smart and entrepreneurial, since we had gone to college together. On the other hand, he knew

Seeing the big picture

One of my agents is working with a client on an interesting deal and running into a problem. The building itself is great – big, recently built, non-rent control, in an improving area, fair price. The problem is that the current owners don’t have their act together. Missing leases, conflicting estoppels, deferred maintenance issues. None

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