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A pretty large appraisal discrepancy

Apologies for the lack of posts these last couple of days. Today, I got word that an appraisal hit at the contract on price ($850,000) on a deal one of our agents is working on. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that another appraiser for a different bank recently appraised the exact same

The benefits of being a good acquirer

Last week, we removed contingencies on the acquisition of a 16 unit building in an A area. The price is far from a steal, but it’s fair and, more importantly, works for us. The deal was never on the MLS or Loopnet. We didn’t win a bidding war. Instead, a broker with whom both buyer and

A real broker line

When discussing a deal with me today, a very good broker I know said the following, about a deal a client had in escrow at $1.1MM: “Well, it was listed at $1.3MM.” I don’t want to pick on this broker, because he’s good, but this is a bullshit broker line. As a buyer, you should not

Closing on another one today

Today, we’re closing on a little fourplex deal in a neighborhood we really like. It’s a roughly $1.1MM all-in project, way too small on its own to be worth our time. However, it’s near a bunch of other stuff we’re renovating, it’s a simple project (no reconfiguration of the units), and we like the area

Our business depends on this one little joke

Jon and I were talking about a deal we’re considering doing. We were going through the pluses and minuses, trying to make sure we were both comfortable with it. One of us said: “…, and we would be putting out a ton of capital.” We both paused, laughed, and then shook our heads. The reason

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