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When will I be done?

Someone asked me last week when we have enough units to be “done”. The question threw me for a loop, because it’s something I’ve never really considered. That’s weird, right? I’m on a journey to build a big business investing money in apartment buildings and I’ve never really considered what the end-point is. I couldn’t

Why we pull the permits and how we share them with clients

Here’s an annoying catch-22 in which we often find ourselves in the brokerage business: Obtaining permits for a client. To understand why, you first need to understand how important it is to pull the permits on any building before buying it. The idea of the due diligence process conducted during the contingency period is to

Remember to do this before inspecting a property

Our agents have got pretty busy helping people buy apartment buildings, so I have been spending more time than usual advising on deals. One of the issues that keeps popping up is around inspections. As a buyer, it is imperative you personally inspect each and every unit in any building you intend to purchase. After

Why we haven’t done commercial deals

“So, why don’t you guys do commercial deals?” I get asked that question a lot, so I figured I’d answer it here. The first thing to say is that we absolutely would do a commercial deal given the right balance between risk and reward (and investors who wanted to follow us into it). But I

Do single family home rentals work in LA in 2015?

One of our clients asked an interesting question yesterday that I think worthy of some discussion here: “Has Adaptive done any single family home deals where the rental numbers would work out to at least cover PITI after fixing up the property?” In other words, can you buy a single family home as a rental

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