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Some thoughts on my visit to Troy

During my visit to Troy, NY, I was enchanted, as usual, by the large number of stunning old brick industrial buildings sitting vacant along the Hudson River. These buildings are the kind that developers die for… brick (in an area with no earthquakes!), high ceilings, original casement windows, etc. You can take buildings like those and

Looking back at a miss

Periodically, I write pieces on here about how our knowledge of achievable rents cycles back into our acquisition process. Wanted to give you a concrete example. There’s a deal we looked at several months ago that sold in the $700-750k range. At the time, not knowing as much about achievable rents, we thought the deal

Welcome to the week of short posts

We got a deal that I think I really like over the weekend. However, the diligence period is only three days. There’s an unbelievable amount to cover in these three days: Physical inspections Reviewing leases, estoppels, rent roll, etc. Reviewing the permit records Compiling a construction budget for the rehab Confirming our pro forma rents

Will we give free advice?

Here’s a paraphrase of an email I got yesterday: “I’ve been working with another broker. I can’t seem to find any deals. Can you please give me some free advice about what I should buy.” I don’t mean to pick on the guy who sent it, but this kind of email drives us crazy. Why? We’ve worked long

A few new deals

Just removed contingencies on two more deals. One is a fee for service deal with a long-term partner. The other is the first deal with the new pot of money we’re putting out. Both are pretty classic deals for us: 10 and 8 units, respectively Interesting bones Tons of deferred maintenance Improving areas near to

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