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How we would enter a new city

Have been thinking about what it would take for us to learn a new city. Other people do this by reviewing research reports and then visiting a few times for broker tours. That is not how we would do it. We would start with research in order to narrow down the choices to those cities

The two sides of our business

One of the weird things about our business is how different it looks to Jon and me. On my end, most deals are almost abstract. I can tell from the location, the building, the existing rents, and the price whether we can make money and how much. For me, then, it’s mostly about passively looking

Why we’re different buyers

Had an inspection today of a property we may renovate. The broker was reassuring me that the owner had partially re-piped the building with copper. Unlike almost any other buyer, this does not matter at all to us. Why? Because we almost always repipe during our renovations (and do everything else). In fact, very little

Should I buy this Airbnb apartment building?

Sorry for the lack of posts Friday and yesterday; have been swamped with work, blah blah blah. Anyway: Have been getting a lot of questions about a for-sale triplex which is described by the listing broker as an “Airbnb ‘cash cow’ in the heart of Silver Lake.” (I’m not linking to the listing, because I

Why we avoid pre-1920s buildings

I love buildings built in the 1920s, but I rarely buy buildings built before that. Why? It has to do with how the buildings were built. By the 1920s, Los Angeles construction practices were not that different from today’s. Layouts, door width, ceiling height, spacing between studs, size of lumber used – all are quite similar to

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