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Navigating the broker/principal divide

One of the weird things about our business is that I am both a broker and a principal investor.¬†That means I look at deals for other people and for myself. Who cares? Other brokers. Brokers make money as middlemen. Their goal is to know who’s selling and who’s buying and match the two together. Simple,

How I pick agents

Was just thinking about the commonalities among the sales agents we’ve recruited to Adaptive Realty, Inc. and thought it might make interesting for everyone. Here’s what we look for: 1. Integrity – This one is obvious. I can tolerate mistakes (the first time someone makes them; not the second). But I absolutely can not tolerate

Why I don’t write much about our funds

Got an email from a reader recently asking me why I don’t write more about the funds we run. Believe me, I’d love to! The problem is that I don’t want to run afoul of securities regulations, which prevent the open advertising / marketing of unregistered securities. The reasoning behind these regulations is sound: The

Fee for services

Lately, it feels like we’re spending a lot more time speaking with potential partners about fee-for-services deals, rather than straight brokerage. What do I mean by “fee for services”? Jon and I have relationships with certain investors where we help them buy and renovate apartment buildings in exchange for brokerage fees and cash payments from

Growing the team

An update for those of you following our progress in building the Adaptive Realty team: We’ve added a new property manager, Ignacio, who will be responsible for overseeing all of our existing apartment properties and assisting Jon with the properties we have under construction. We’ve added a new leasing agent, Bana, who will be handling

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