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Time allocation

The single biggest problem that I have in business right now is figuring out how best to allocate my time. Everywhere around me, I see opportunity. Adaptive could grow its property management business. Or bring on a ton of agents and ramp up the brokerage. Or raise a new fund. Or try to bring in

What’s the new neighborhood?

I’m not telling. Last time I had a good idea regarding location, I opened my big fat mouth trying to look cool at some industry functions. My guess is that I created 3-4 competitors for myself just by doing that. So, now, when people ask me which areas I like, I play it a little

Adaptive Realty, Inc. coming along quite nicely

Regular readers know that Adaptive does a bunch of different things. We run investment funds, do fee-for-service development, manage property, and broker deals. When we started Adaptive, the “brokering deals” part was just me. Now, we have a well-trained team of agents who are helping investors and owner-users do sensible apartment deals in the gentrifying

Secretly, the most annoying part of my job

Because we handle investor money, we need to be super-careful about how we move funds around. After all, screwing around with investor money is career-ending for Jon and me. Therefore, I personally approve every single transfer of funds out of our accounts, which are all with Chase. At a big company, this is the kind of

An interesting book

I’m the kind of dorky dude who reads business books (shocking, I know). Generally, I find them to be really awful… they’re almost always pitched at neophytes or dilettantes, not people actually in the trenches growing a business. That said, just finished one that’s pretty good: Business Brilliant, by Lewis Schiff. The book is an

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