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Secretly, the most annoying part of my job

Because we handle investor money, we need to be super-careful about how we move funds around. After all, screwing around with investor money is career-ending for Jon and me. Therefore, I personally approve every single transfer of funds out of our accounts, which are all with Chase. At a big company, this is the kind of

An interesting book

I’m the kind of dorky dude who reads business books (shocking, I know). Generally, I find them to be really awful… they’re almost always pitched at neophytes or dilettantes, not people actually in the trenches growing a business. That said, just finished one that’s pretty good: Business Brilliant, by Lewis Schiff. The book is an

Looking for (another) assistant

Jon, my partner, is looking for someone to help him with our construction projects. The job entails sitting in the (new) office (in Echo Park) and dealing with suppliers. For example, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get the window guys to deliver the windows you ordered, rather than some other windows they

Getting to know the brokers

I do a large number of relatively small deals. I do this because that’s the part of the market where there a mis-priced / poorly managed assets that present opportunities for me and my investors to make money. The downside is that I end up doing a lot of deals with brokers I’ve never met.

Just missed

I was trying to buy a small office building in East Hollywood. Because it was a former gas station, we were concerned it was contaminated. I spent an enormous amount of time trying to structure a deal that would put the risk on the owner, not me. Eventually, it became clear I couldn’t do it

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