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As long as…

…people do things like this: …there will be work for Adaptive to do. Check out the remodeling choices (uh-oh). And the location (great). And now the asking rent (low). When I see something like this, I feel like this guy does in this situation:

The last 4 weeks

We brokered and / or acquired just under $7.8MM worth of Los Angeles apartment deals in the last four weeks, and there’s a lot more to come. We’ve done small deals (duplexes in Silver Lake and Echo Park), big deals (a 16 unit building in Highland Park), and tons of stuff in-between. We’ve still closing

Apologies for the lack of posts!

My wife, Lucy, and I just welcomed a new addition to our family: Baby Giles, age 8 days or so. I decided to take an extended paternity leave this time of 2.5 days. Am back in the office now and crazy busy with the deals we have in escrow for our funds / partners /

Dealing with buyer conflicts

One of the issues I deal with periodically is “buyer conflict”. By buyer conflict, I mean the situation where multiple buyers with whom we are working decide to offer on the same piece of property. As you might imagine, this presents a problem: We always want to help our clients get what they want, and

Navigating the broker/principal divide

One of the weird things about our business is that I am both a broker and a principal investor.¬†That means I look at deals for other people and for myself. Who cares? Other brokers. Brokers make money as middlemen. Their goal is to know who’s selling and who’s buying and match the two together. Simple,

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