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Real estate versus tech as a career

Had dinner with a friend last night who is in the process of gracefully winding down his start-up. Found myself vividly recalling how I felt when I realized that CAZT, the tech company I started with my brother, was never going to be large enough to be my career and that I would have to

Brooklyn to the Eastside

Was speaking with an applicant for my as-of-yet-unfilled assistant position yesterday and heard an interesting theory. Her argument was that many of the creative types who have been living in Brooklyn over the past 5-10 years are moving to LA. Ordinarily, I would ignore this kind of observation… after all, it’s not exactly backed by

Some thoughts on management

Here’s some advice for egomaniacal managers like me: Shut up and listen sometimes. Every day, people come into my office asking for help solving complex problems. The problems are by definition complex, because if they were simple, no one would bother me with them. For a long time, I would listen to the problem, think for a second,

Buildings we will manage and buildings we won’t

Have recently found myself explaining my take on our property management business to several people and figured I’d put it up here for general consumption. Lots of people ask us to manage their buildings and we generally decline. Why? In LA, there are basically two kinds of buildings: 1. Ones that have been renovated somewhat

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