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Describing what we do

Have been doing some thinking about how, exactly, to explain how Adaptive helps clients deploy capital in the multifamily space. Regular readers know we do bunch of different things, including: Managing real estate investments (via discretionary funds and one-off projects) Fee-for-service development (where we get paid cash to help investors buy and rehab their own properties)

My current catch-22

There are some deals right now that: Aren’t right for our current fund (because the near-term returns aren’t high enough), but I want to buy (because I think they have a lot of potential down the road) One obvious solution to this problem would be to buy the deals with non-fund money, either my own

Why I talk myself out of commissions

Recently, have found myself telling a lot of people not to buy real estate. Weird, right? It’s not that I don’t think people should own apartment buildings. They absolutely should, for a whole host of reasons. But the market is pretty hot right now and it’s easy to make a bad deal. I don’t worry about

Never lose units

Saw that someone arrived on the blog yesterday using the following search term “convert duplex into single family home”. Here’s my advice: Don’t do it. Or, at least, don’t do it with permits. Regular readers know I’m strongly in favor of using permits for every single construction project. It’s a bit more expensive, but you

If I were a broker…

…who didn’t also renovate tons of apartment buildings, I would: Run rent surveys across all relevant neighborhoods, all the time Constantly poll my clients about construction costs for different finish levels and unit sizes Constantly poll my clients about eviction / tenant relocation costs Why would I do all these things? Because, without the above

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