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What’s a “short-sale”, and should you offer on them?

Recently, I’ve been working with a lot of buyers who bring me short-sale deals to potentially write offers on. Thought I’d take some time to explain what a short-sale is, how the process works, and what the pitfalls are in offering on them. A short-sale is a listing where the price asked for the property

Why you always ask for a detailed rent roll

If you spend a lot of time looking at apartment building listings on the MLS, you will eventually notice an extremely annoying trend: Brokers who list the total amount of rent generated by the building but not providing a detailed, unit by unit breakdown. Why do they do this? It’s probably some combination of laziness

Termite inspections are a racket

There, I said it. Almost every real estate transaction in Souther California involves a termite inspection and repair. Here’s what happens: The buyer’s agent includes a request for a termite inspection and repair in the purchase agreement. The seller agrees because he doesn’t know he can push back. The listing agent chooses a termite company

Inspection day!

Sorry for the late post today. Am sitting on a small street in W LA waiting for an inspection to begin. We’ve been through the initial phase, winning what was a very competitive auction. Now it’s on us (my clients and me) to do a thorough investigation of the property. First step: Go through each

Why choosing a good listing broker matters

Some people have the impression that who your listing (selling) broker is doesn’t matter that much. After all, whoever it is is going to put the property up on the MLS, maybe have an open house or two, and then collect offers. Who cares how knowledgeable that person is? Why not just hire your cousin

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