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Should I buy a condo as an investment?

Had two conversations with people interested in buying condos for investment purposes yesterday, so figured I’d repeat what I told them here. The first thing to understand about buying condos (and single family homes) in Los Angeles right now is that doing so is not really an investment. Why? Because prices are so high relative

Yet another irritating appraisal issue

Just had an annoying issue pop up on an appraisal one of my agents commissioned and thought I would share. This is a deal where we are representing the buyer of a somewhat run-down fourplex in an improving area. The buyer intends to spend some money upgrading the property post closing. However, the appraiser is

Why we pull the permits and how we share them with clients

Here’s an annoying catch-22 in which we often find ourselves in the brokerage business: Obtaining permits for a client. To understand why, you first need to understand how important it is to pull the permits on any building before buying it. The idea of the due diligence process conducted during the contingency period is to

Who cares if the tenants find out the building is for sale?

Pretty often, owners want to try to prevent their tenants from knowing the building is for sale. I get why this is a concern with market-rate tenants. They are paying full-whack and you want to keep them happy. But, with under-market tenants, this is just insane. What, exactly, are they worried about? That the tenants

Another off-market deal

We just went under contract to buy a reasonably large non-rent control building in an area we like. The price isn’t a steal by any means, but it’s fair. The reason is that there was no auction. The broker, a reader of this blog, has been managing the building for the seller for a long

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