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More on starting a real estate career

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming… Yesterday, I spent some time with a guy who is thinking about getting into the real estate business as an agent. I’ve written some about this before, which you can read here and various other places around the blog. But I found myself giving some new advice which I

Wading through shit

That’s basically what we do all day. What do I mean? Well, we’re looking for mismanaged, run-down, incorrectly-priced assets for ourselves or our clients to buy. Very often, the processes we have to navigate to secure these screw-up assets are, to put it mildly, “non-standard”. This ain’t the kind of brokering they teach down at your friendly

Great listing!…Oh, wait

Just ran across a listing for what looks like a turn-key 4plex in East Hollywood priced at $1,095,000. The listing advertised a 12x GRM. Now, that’s not a great deal or anything, but at a little less, maybe 11.5x, it would probably work for someone. So, I prepared to shoot an email out to my

Am I a principal or a broker?

I get this question a ton, usually from brokers who are interested in figuring out a way to take both sides of the commission (by representing both the buyer and the seller). For the record, here’s my answer: 1. If you bring me a deal which is “off-market”, in the sense that it has not

How you know when you’ve trained your agents well

At Adaptive, we take a very quantitative approach to brokering income property deals for our clients. I’ve personally trained all of our agents to focus first on the achievable yield on the downpayment and only after that on other, more qualitative factors. While this doesn’t guarantee that every deal will be a homerun, it does

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