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Always always always check the estimated closing statement

Always, always, always check your Buyer’s estimated closing statement. Why? First, you have to understand what a Buyer’s estimated closing statement is. It’s a piece of paper that shows escrow’s calculation of how much money needs to come in from the buyer to get the deal closed. But wait, you ask, why do we need calculations?

A new kind of deal for our brokerage

Today, one of the clients of our brokerage is closing on a really interesting fourplex deal. The minute I saw this one on the MLS, I liked it… it’s big, (mostly) non-rent controlled, in an interesting area, on a large lot (so plenty of parking and outdoor space), etc. The reason I’m writing about it

Why we’re in emerging neighborhoods

Found myself talking about neighborhoods with a new agent of ours yesterday. We were discussing why our deals (both the ones we do for ourselves and the ones we broker) tend to be grouped in a few main areas, none of which are the Westside, Hollywood, or Miracle Mile. It’s not that we dislike working

Will we give free advice?

Here’s a paraphrase of an email I got yesterday: “I’ve been working with another broker. I can’t seem to find any deals. Can you please give me some free advice about what I should buy.” I don’t mean to pick on the guy who sent it, but this kind of email drives us crazy. Why? We’ve worked long

An appreciation of our team

Two of our agents are close to closing difficult deals right now. Both agents spent a ton of time with their respective clients, looking at who-kn0ws-how-many deals before finally honing in on these targets and getting them into contract. In escrow, both deals have had multiple issues with appraisals, lenders, etc. It’s looking like both deals

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