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Hi there. My name is Moses Kagan. Through my company Adaptive Realty, I work with investors to buy, renovate, manage and sell apartment buildings in Southern California.

If you have a question about buying or selling apartment buildings, get in touch. You can reach me by phone at (310) 994 0001 or by e-mail at

A bit more about me:

  • Graduated magna cum laude from Princeton in 2003
  • Received an MA from London School of Economics in 2004
  • Worked for several years in mergers and acquisitions at LongAcre Partners in London
  • Bought, renovated, and exited 13 properties through Better Dwellings LLC between 2008-2012
  • Started Adaptive Realty and its affiliated companies in 2011
  • Co-founded CAZT, a West Hollywood-based studio for Los Angeles auditions

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